Star SEO Tools Never charges you automatically. All transactions are initiated by users. We use Paytm, PayPal, JazzCash, and other third party payment gateways to collect payments. Also, we refund payments using the same gateways, we just initiate the refund request to our billing gateways, it may take several days to get your refund. We are not responsible for any kind of refund delay, We will provide you Refund ID and all other details. We only refund if our (primary tools) will not work for more than 3 days.

Account Suspension:-

We have our own MaxMindbased algorithm to check account sharing and spam activities. Every user has to follow the rules. If our system found any suspicious activity on any users account, then Star SEO Tools has the right to block the account permanently without any refund. However, you can initiate a counter review using the live chat section, After that our dedicated review team will check your account and if they don't found any suspicious activity then your account will be unblocked.

Account Sharing:-

Star SEO Toolsonly allows one ISP / IP per user (Dynamic IPs allowed), You can not use one account on your home and office. You have to purchase multiple accounts for multiple ISPs / IPs. Also, VPNs, RDPs are strictly prohibited. If you violate these terms, you will be banned permanently from Star SEO Tools forever. However, we allow users to report mistakes and counter-reviews. You can request a manual review from the Live Chat section.

Services Uptime:-

Star SEO Tools has the right to change the price and validity of any service at any time. We outsource the accounts, so our users can face minor downtime issues. If any of our tools reached their maximum limit, you have to wait until our team refills the account.


if you make Violence or use Abuse Language on Live Chat Support System or Ticket then We can Disable/Lock your Account permanently. Also if you give us any type of warnings then We also can Disable/Lock your Account permanently.